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one91 summer school group
At One91 Community Education, we believe learning is a lifelong pursuit. We create and support enrichment and educational opportunities for people at every age who are ready to blaze their own path.
From early childhood and young adult activities and enrichment to adult programming, there is something for everyone! 

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How to create an account to register for classes

Learn how to set up an account to register for Community Education classes

  • Community Education
Cómo crear una cuenta para registrarse en clases

Aprenda a configurar una cuenta para registrarse en las clases de educación comunitaria.

  • Community Education
  • Spanish
Sida loo sameysto akoonka la'iska diiwaangeliyo fasalada

Baro sida loo sameysto akoonka la'iska diiwaangeliyo xiisadaha Waxbarashada Bulshada

  • Community Education
  • Somali